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Keeping your Focus

Becoming more focused requires an even greater skill at keeping your focus. As I have been trying to write more this past month I have realized that sometimes when I am about to call it good for the day and close the document… Another idea pops into my head and […]

Summer Writing Inspiration

I was on a good streak for a while there, at least it was a good streak for me.  Then June came and went and it is almost halfway through July and I really haven’t written much on my site at all.  That is not to say I haven’t posted […]

June Reflections

It has been a really crazy past couple of weeks probably month as I look back and I am still trying to digest all of what has happened.  To give a little background a couple of weekends ago my 4-year-old daughter had her very first dance recital on the same day […]

Posting Frequencies, Schedules and Drafts

Lately, I have not been finding the time to write much on here or even remember to post something that I have found interesting.  However, that is not to say I haven’t started a bunch of different posts from time to time (this is one of those). Today after looking […]