The Caballo Blanco Experience – Ryan Van Duzer

For anyone who has read the book Born to Run or enjoys running, in general, needs to check out this series of videos that Ryan Van Duzer put together of his trek down to run the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon earlier this year.

“You can’t feel pain if your smiling… right?” – Ryan Van Duzer

That was a perfect quote he had at the very beginning and was fitting since he was smiling during what appeared to be the last couple of miles at the end of the video.  Honestly, being a runner myself, after watching this video I was ready to strap on my shoes and hit the trails.

Take note, not only is the feat of running 50 miles in a single time amazing but remember he did it all while carrying the video camera to capture this amazing event on film too.  If you are looking to be motivated you should definitely check this video out.

Here is the entire playlist so you can start from the beginning and watch all 6 episodes.

Finally, as amazing as these videos are, Ryan has made a bunch of other amazing videos and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon so be sure Subscribe to his YouTube channel, and follow him on Instagram (you can also find him on Facebook, and Twitter).

Where the Heck is Matt? – 2016

With everything else that has happened in the last couple of weeks, I managed to miss that the new “Where the Heck is Matt” video that launched.  I am a big supporter of the work Matt Harding does mostly because I think the overall concept of dancing in all different locations is awesome.  Even though it is only a brief couple of seconds he shows himself dancing at different locations it goes to show you how the world is not always as scary as everyone makes it out to be.  He sums it up nicely in the caption of this new video by saying “We’re stuck on this planet together and we need to take care of each other.”

If you liked the video be sure to check out his website ( or follow him on Twitter @WhereTheHisMatt

Also, feel free to check out what I wrote about his 2015 Kickstarter at the end of last year and his Where the Hell is Matt – 2012 video as well.


The Simple Solution to Traffic

via The Simple Solution to Traffic by @CGPGrey

I am sure some of you have known this for a long time, that the reason most places have traffic jams/build ups are because of traffic inconsistencies.  However, C.G.P. Grey does a great job of explaining it in this video that I figured it was fitting to share prior to a Monday morning commute.