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What do you communicate to your audience?

I actually ran across this video a while back but I am reminded of it on a weekly basis in the various meetings I attend.  It is very interesting how communication can change depending on who your audience is. (Vooza has some other great videos too that you can find here) […]

Stop Procrastinating…!!!! Using the ‘Seinfeld Strategy’

If it’s a deadline, email, phone call, blogging, or working out everyone has something they procrastinate about and always say, “I wish I could do better.”  So, what is the “Seinfeld Strategy” and how does it work you are probably wondering.  The advice that Jerry Seinfeld gave to Brad Issac (LifeHacker), […]

Everything is a Remix

I stumbled upon Kirby Ferguson because of the TED Talk video that was posted a few days ago.  I would encourage you to watch the video as it really starts to make you think about the copyright laws.  One of my favorite quotes is “Everything is a Remix, until you […]