Sometimes things happen (Crash!) and it is something that you don’t or aren’t really sure if someone is going to tell you to try again. Or give you that extra encouragement/voice you need to get back up and try it again. After that post, I wasn’t up to what I had hoped for motivation as I struggled to motivate myself in the least.

My instincts were telling me to continued to plug away at this injury slowly and that it was for some reason important to overcome this so I could get out and run like normal. In July I tried again to just get out and run but honestly, I had even less motivation to do that as I blamed my upcoming family vacation and the extra work I needed to do prior to vacation as my crutch.

Then we were finally during the middle of our family trip to the East Coast, and something deep inside me had me throw in my running shoes. Thankfully I did as after nine days into the trip, it was our final day in Boston before we headed up to Maine on a Saturday in fact, I laced up my shoes to hit the streets. For some reason, I was up really early and figured now is the time to get out and just run around the neighborhood and see the sights of this city I don’t live in.

I am really glad I did! I was able to see the places I had seen the day before but with no one else in sight. In fact, it was just so peaceful out there if it wasn’t that I wanted to get back to the hotel at a specific time I am not sure where I might have ended up.

That one run though helped start me on the path of getting out of my funk. In fact, it kind of reminded me that that is what helps me stay grounded. As I reflect back I was remembering the video I saw that I was going to post around the time of my Crash and was hoping to at a later point in time but completely forgot as I never really got out of that funk.

My example was getting me back to running and I will even say today I am finally feeling 100% back to normal running which is what I have been waiting to say for a long time. Everyone always has something to be down on, depressed about, or are just mopy about something. The challenge is trying to find something that works for you to get out of your current funk or mood.

I have never gone on a run or a bike ride or anything outside and thought back to myself I shouldn’t have done that, that was really dumb to go on a run. Never! It’s always a good thing. – Ryan Van Duzer

The video I have included below by Ryan Van Duzer (@duzer) is what I had watched right before my Crash! and there is some really good nuggets of insight and motivation that he offers while running in the hills of Colorado to get out of his own funk.

I can relate to his methods of remember there is a whole lot of good things in life. Also, for me, one of the best ways for me to do that when things are stressful at work, home, or just something hard that I need to overcome, is that I just love getting out there and to run. It clears my head and gives me a good start or end to the day.

via Running Out of a Funk – YouTube

Now it is your turn, what do you do in order to get out of a funk or slump? Leave it in the comments below.

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Fall Clean up and Clean out

Fall is definitely that time of year when things need to be cleaned up. You need to head out to the garage and start putting summer stuff away and bring out the winter stuff (wait not yet.. please not winter yet..). Honestly, though this is the perfect time of year to start decluttering. My wife and I did this last year and pretty much downsized our bedroom to 1 dresser (total) and a closet that is only 8×4. Needless to say, we got rid of a lot of stuff and it was the best thing to do.

We honestly didn’t have a specific approach in mind as well have just cleaned rooms from time to time over the 8 years we have lived here and as kids grew up and changed rooms we would then clean that room. More specifically, we would just move the junk to another room. So we finally realized that with 3 kids and all the stuff they have we obviously needed to make some changes and we felt that our room was the best one as it was a space we could control. So instead of doing lots of spaces or things at once we just focused all our efforts on that one room. It did help that once we got started we had the goal in mind of getting rid of one dresser in order to feel like we had more space in our bedroom and it didn’t feel like everything was stacked on top of each other.

A year later and we have still been working on the other rooms of our house but it is something that takes time. Decluttering your house is not an easy feat unless you are just moving from college and haven’t acquired anything. We got derailed this past year with the kitchen remodel but in a way that helped us declutter all of those rooms affected. The one thing if you move from room to room like my wife and I are doing you need to make sure you don’t just go dump things back in a room you have already cleared out. However, that is one of the hardest things so when you get down to only a couple rooms left (like we are now) it gets harder and harder to get it to what you want. However, I am looking forward to the challenge this fall again as the seasons are changing.

If this is something that interest you and you have been wanting to get rid of a lot of stuff I would suggest that you check out what Anthony Ongaro is doing over at Break The Twitch. In fact, the video below is a good way to get started with the 6 most Popular Methods.

via 6 Popular Minimalist Decluttering Methods on Break the Twitch.

Do you use Fall or a change in seasons as a good time to clean up or clean out around the house? If so what is your best method of doing so or how do you approach it?

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Wordless Wednesday 10/04

Morning sunrise after days of rain (October 2017)


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