Crash! Asphalt 1 – Eric 0

I had a great post for you as a couple weeks back I was in a slump about running and getting motivated to get out and run every morning.  I was thinking now that I am back at it 100% and fully motivated it would be a great time to share but then this happened this morning:

Sometimes the ground wins

That picture was taken well after the run and 3 bandage changes.  Though that wasn’t it as I really twisted my ankle and have a couple bruised ribs (or that is what the doctor told me).  Also, my iPhone took a good fall on the pavement as I normally run with it and that was the arm that broke the rest of my fall.  Overall, nothing major was broken or damaged but I am a little slower moving today.

You might be wondering how this happened and I wish it was a much more glamorous story.  I was running along like normal on the sidewalk but on a rougher part of asphalt and my foot must have hit a dip wrong and my ankle twisted bad and there was no coming back from that.  I broke my fall with my hand for the most part that was under my chest.  I quickly rolled over into the grass and said some choice words to the sky as I knew my iPhone was on my arm that broke the fall.  I got up quickly as well and noticed a lady stopped in her vehicle asking if I was ok.  I said I was all good and started to jog off.  After two blocks and I knew I was dripping blood from my hand and knees I decided to stop and just walk the remainder of the way home as I also knew my ankle was tender but probably not broken.  On the walk home I realized I had a lot of pain in my chest as well which ultimately is probably bruised or cracked rib.


Sooo… stay tuned and I will still post it (probably Monday) as I might need some more motivation after I get all healed up.


The Caballo Blanco Experience – Ryan Van Duzer

For anyone who has read the book Born to Run or enjoys running, in general, needs to check out this series of videos that Ryan Van Duzer put together of his trek down to run the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon earlier this year.

“You can’t feel pain if your smiling… right?” – Ryan Van Duzer

That was a perfect quote he had at the very beginning and was fitting since he was smiling during what appeared to be the last couple of miles at the end of the video.  Honestly, being a runner myself, after watching this video I was ready to strap on my shoes and hit the trails.

Take note, not only is the feat of running 50 miles in a single time amazing but remember he did it all while carrying the video camera to capture this amazing event on film too.  If you are looking to be motivated you should definitely check this video out.

Here is the entire playlist so you can start from the beginning and watch all 6 episodes.

Finally, as amazing as these videos are, Ryan has made a bunch of other amazing videos and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon so be sure Subscribe to his YouTube channel, and follow him on Instagram (you can also find him on Facebook, and Twitter).