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Using House Projects to help Declutter your Life

In our journey of living a more intentional life by decluttering our belongings and owning less. We have recently found out that house projects have helped us make larger strides in this overall journey. Owning an older house provides you with lots of fun opportunities to work on projects that […]

All house projects are not created equal – Replacing interior Doors

Replacing interior doors in your house should not be a hard task to accomplish.  Just measure the rough opening, purchase a new door that should fit in the rough opening, and then install the new door in a matter of minutes.  However, if your house is like mine and you had […]

Remodeling project

Looking back I realized that my last post I talked about how I was looking for new books to read and I was actually really excited about reading books instead of just listening to book tapes.  In fact, I received a copy of “Sleep your way to the Top” by Jane […]