4 posts vs vs

Have you ever wondered which WordPress platform is right for you? Maybe you are just curious what some of the differences (pros and cons) between and I am going to walk you through my most recent thought process because after using for the past two years I […]

Keeping your Focus

Becoming more focused requires an even greater skill at keeping your focus. As I have been trying to write more this past month I have realized that sometimes when I am about to call it good for the day and close the document… Another idea pops into my head and […]

Congratulations and Thanks!

A “little” side project that some of you know about, Blogging Meetup (formerly Bloggers Meetup), got some great news when it was featured on WordPress’s own Daily Post article talking about ‘Stay Supported with a Blogging Group‘.  That was very exciting news for me and my co-founder Amanda of the project. […]

Posting Frequencies, Schedules and Drafts

Lately, I have not been finding the time to write much on here or even remember to post something that I have found interesting.  However, that is not to say I haven’t started a bunch of different posts from time to time (this is one of those). Today after looking […]