Last year was spent focusing on things that mattered not only to myself but my family too. I felt overall it was a very successful endeavor that allowed me to improve my health, mental state, as well as family time. Early on in the year we definitely decided to make […]

Consumption vs Creation

Have you ever found yourself consuming so much information so fast that you don’t take a step back to diguest what it really means? I realized that I consume great content all the time but then what? I end up with pages of notes that I will probably never look back at because I am already consuming the next block of information.

Posting Standstill

I have been at a standstill for the last three months since I had posted a hand full of new articles. As the days clicked by I finally decided I should really think about it as I would put pressure on myself to push publish but ultimately nothing ever happened. […]

One Decision

When you stop and think about it, one decision is all it takes. The list of what that decision might have been or could be a number of different things. For example, your job, family, friends, or finances to name a few common ones.