Don’t Buy Stuff you Can’t Afford

via Saturday Night Live: Don’t Buy Stuff you Can’t Afford

It does sound so simple, doesn’t it!  I really love that video clip and was reminded of it the other day when I was reading this great article online by Joshua Becker titled “The Foundation For Financial Freedom That 10 Out Of 10 Financial Advisors Agree On“.  The information in the article, as well as the short video above, is very spot on to people in today’s world, in fact, my wife and I have struggled before on that very topic.

Spending less is such a difficult step for many to take is because the solution sounds unattractive. Buying less sounds a lot like taking a step backwards in life.

A lot of Podcasts/friends I follow on the Internet have been having guests on talking about Finances, getting out of debt, or just changing your spending habits in order to make sure you spend your money on the things that truly make you happy.

I have actually been focused on this topic and seeing how my day job revolves around finance/accounting it is obviously something that I am interested in.  Even more so now that my wife and I have decided that she should take a year off so we can slow down and focus on family and give our kids more attention instead of having them spend their entire day away from our house at either school or daycare.  So with that, we are even more focused on our finances as we have shifted to a one income household.  In the upcoming month, I will pull together a better list of resources, articles, and podcasts that I have found interesting as there is never a one size fits all but the information can help give you thoughts on what it could mean for you.


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