Re: Electoral College

For anyone that found the last post on the Electoral College interesting in any way, I felt that I needed to share this as a follow up as I stumbled across last Friday evening.  It appears there is more than meets the eye to the Electoral College as you will find out in the CGP Grey video below.

via Re: The Trouble With The Electoral College – Cities, Metro Areas, Elections and The United States –

After watching the video it points out a couple more overall flaws that are part of our current system.  It is interesting to think that in the current system, in December the Electoral College could reverse the decision made by the “Public” (States Electoral Votes) a little over a week ago. I agree this would be bad to enact as it could cause a further divided our country.

(The current system) benefits no citizen and protects no states

All of this is very interesting to point out as some of it I never knew before and honestly can’t believe that we have a system in place today that allows it.  I do hope in the near future there are more discussions on what a modern election should look like.  I will be watching as my all of this has really sparked my interest as well.


2 thoughts on “Re: Electoral College”

  1. I teach civics and always bring up the specter of unfaithful electors. Most of my students are in favor of laws tying electors to the outcome of their state, and making it punitive enough to discourage some of the talk that’s been going around of electors voting for Hillary and then crowdfunding their fines.

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