Electoral College

I am not one to normally talk about politics nor do I want to bring up a large discussion of right or wrong regarding the outcome of who won.  I feel strongly that each person has a right to vote as well as vote for a candidate they feel strongly about.  However, after seeing the final results Wednesday morning, my very curious 7 1/2-year-old son had a lot of questions about the Electoral College.  Not to mention how could someone win overall without winning the popular vote.


Now maybe everyone else is more versed in politics than myself but I feel every election I try to remember why we use the Electoral College and what is a good way to explain when asked about it.  Yesterday, I was reminded of this great CP Grey video about the Electoral College and thought I would share it, as it really does a good job in showing why it was established as well as the potential flaws in using it today.  In fact, if you watch it till the end you will see why specific states that were targeted on election night as they are every election.  Also, as a bonus CP Grey updated parts where he gave percentages to give context after this election.

via The Trouble with the Electoral College – YouTube


Do you feel the Electoral College is working as intended or should we just change to a popular vote where each vote is equal?  

Ok after writing everything so far I have to put one political plug.  We can’t change the results of the election and need to find a way to work together as a country.  The popular votes were still pretty close and that means a lot of us are not in agreement on some of the issues discussed during the election.  I hope in the upcoming months/year we work together as a society and address some of these key issues that seem to be bothering both sides. Finally, as the election cycle is now over I have seen lots of hate shared in my Facebook and Twitter feeds.  This is not going to help us unite as a country so I am going to try hard not to share those in an effort of not continuing to spread the hate.  I fully understand it is happening and I am not pretending it doesn’t exist but because I want to be more focused on positives going forward as we do need to find a way to make peace so #OnlyShareLove (this idea was taken from my wife and you can find her little project about it here).

8 thoughts on “Electoral College”

  1. I am in favor of the Electoral College because the United States is not a democracy, but a republic. If the Electoral College were abolished, we must also devise a method to ensure 100% voter participation.

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    1. I do agree with you that we need to somehow increase the voter participation. It is sad when overall such low turnout happens. However (putting on my questioning hat as I love to learn and question as I am obviously not an expert), could the electoral college bring out lower participation in states that are heavy one way or another for Democrats or Republicans as people might think their vote doesn’t matter?

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      1. I think we need to increase voter turnout, but we already have a problem of uninformed voting; I imagine (but in no way can tell for certain) that those who don’t vote are likely to be less informed than those that do vote (barring circumstances preventing one from voting who would otherwise vote).

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  2. I agree with Jay above that voter non- participation issues are the crux of the problem with elections in this country. Voter suppression and apathy are skewing the results with the electoral college. Thomas Jefferson foresaw the problem as an educated electorate being a real concern for the future. Anyway, I move on as you did with the following ideas about my travels.


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    1. I agree as well about the non-participation and we do need to figure that out as it is skewing the results. Also, great post and I enjoyed your ideas of moving foward.


  3. I have always been against the Electoral College for the reasons expressed in the video. However, with low voter participation, we can have results based on what less than half of eligible voters decide.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that all eligible voters will participate in elections. That said there are still ways to increase voter participation. It involves educating more people, creating voting holidays and getting rid of voter suppression. Also, people need to make living wages and have a general improvement in their standard of living, among other things. When people live in sub-par conditions and can’t get off from work, they have less interest in the electoral process.

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    1. Thanks for the comment and I completely agree with you. Voter participation is a problem and there are things as you state above that could be done to increase the participation. I hope in the future that some of what you describes changes so more people would are given the “opportunity/need/duty” to vote no matter where you live.



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