Posting Frequencies, Schedules and Drafts

Lately, I have not been finding the time to write much on here or even remember to post something that I have found interesting.  However, that is not to say I haven’t started a bunch of different posts from time to time (this is one of those).


Today after looking back and removing a couple I still have 24 different draft posts waiting for me to either look at again and finish my thoughts or probably just delete them because I don’t know what my original intent was.  Since most of the time, my blog is just about random thoughts and things that I find interesting it is easy to quickly capture it in a blog post for a later point in time with the “Press This” bookmarklet.  Also, if I have an interesting thought I want to share I can jot down a couple of notes and then pick it back up when I find time.  Since the theme of my blog is less of a daily journal and more of a place I keep interesting things and thoughts, I never feel the need to have a specific real-time event to post or something that happened to me recently.  Particularly, because most of what I do on a day-to-day basis probably isn’t the most exciting and it would kind of get repetitive though I know there are moments in each day I will cherish.

With so many Drafts started you might be wondering why I don’t find time to push the publish button more often and I think the reason is frequency.  A lot of times, a week will go by when I have lots of thoughts and interesting things I find and then there will be weeks I don’t have as much to say or share at all.  My problem is the times that I have a lot of things I don’t want to overload my blog with 10 posts in a week as I know the next week I might not have anything.  My intention is then always to posting some of what I found the next week or sometime after that, but it never really happens.  Hence, it would be smart of me to schedule some posts to automatically be posted out in the upcoming week(s).  One of the reasons I am hesitant to do that is that I keep thinking I might find something more timely relevant that I want to share and don’t want to post too frequently.  Another reason is that I really like to hit that publish button even though it gives me multiple chances to review and re-review that probably take away more time than necessary to get my thoughts published.  I am still trying to work on a sustainable habit of writing/posting.  I am trying to find a groove that works but sometimes I feel like I have thought block and can’t think of much to say or don’t really want to share anything I have already.  I have thought the scheduled posting route might be worthwhile but haven’t taken the plunge on it yet.

If you have made it this far thanks for listening to my random thoughts and of course I have a question for you.  I am curious to find out how other people manage their blogs in terms of scheduling, frequency, and/or surplus of drafts?   Also, for bonus points do you have a goal in mind as to how many posts you try to write/share in a given day/week/month?

15 thoughts on “Posting Frequencies, Schedules and Drafts”

  1. I’m trying to publish a post a day for 2016. I have a mix of random days (Th. Fri. Sat. Sun.) and topic-specific days (Mon. Tues. Wed.). I normally schedule posts as I finish them, write quite a bit on Saturdays, and am normally a week ahead of my posts.

    Just find what works for you and stick with it; your readers will catch on 🙂

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    1. That sounds like a great schedule and I applaud you for being able to keep up with it. I think I need to set a smaller goal 🙂 of the amount of posts per week but I do like the idea of trying to knock out a couple of posts one the weekend or a specific time and then set it and forget it for the week ahead. Thanks for sharing.


  2. After the flurry of posts I had to create for Blogging 101, I thought I’d aim for one post per day. But I found, frankly, that I was getting annoyed by the frequency of blogs I follow gumming up my email with daily and more frequent posts. And, in my opinion, many of those posts were not substantive. I started thinking, maybe readers feel that way about my posts, especially when I blather on about things that aren’t of interest to them. My “brand” is the common writer’s world. It’s not about being a bestseller (though I aspire). It’s not about pushing my own books (though I do that, very occasionally). It’s about the experience of a writer who is a writer at gut level and learns everything she can to improve her craft, but hasn’t quite “made it” yet. In my book (sorry, all of you out there who might disagree), self-publishing isn’t “making it”. Certainly, it shows a lot of work and dedication. But if your writing isn’t good enough to win an agent and major traditional publisher, that tells me it’s not good enough yet. Mine isn’t (yet). But I aspire and work at it daily. And I’m hoping my latest novel, GRAM & ME, will be a winner for me. Anyway, I got off track. My point: I decided that substantive weekly posts enable me to produce something worth reading while not interfering with my other writing and not jamming the emails of my readers with a lot of stuff they probably wouldn’t read anyway. Some weeks I share posts about opportunities for writers that come my way in addition to the weekly posts because I think readers might be interested. But weekly is my goal.

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  3. I’m more a stream of consciousness poster. When something moves me, I write immediately and publish in short order. I can’t say I have a firm goal for number of posts, but I think I’m about a twice-weekly publisher. I have 16 drafts. My job doesn’t allow for “whenever I feel like it” blogging, so I’ll often jot a random idea when it hits me kept as a draft until I can revisit it to flesh it out fully (at home later that evening usually). Honestly, sometimes when I revisit some drafts, I find they’re less relevant or important or flat-out ridiculous to me as they were when I jotted them down, so I delete. Real life has its way of crashing any plans for routine writing in my world Keep hitting publish, OK?

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with you on how real life has its way of crashing plans for routine writing. Also, glad to hear I am not the only one with lots of drafts. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I try to set a schedule for myself, it doesn’t always work but I try. I like to post twice a week ( Monday & Wednesday) and then something short and sweet on Sunday. That gives me plenty of time in between to compose, edit and review a draft. I always give a 3-4 hours each week to check out the blogs I follow and then sometimes when I’m bored I’ll go through the Discover feed. Can you tell I’m retired?? I’ve never tried to schedule a post but would love to hear from someone who does and how it works out for them.

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  5. I feel a right idiot in this group of responders…..I simply blog to let the nonsense in my head escape. I haven’t a schedule, wouldn’t know how to save a draft instead of publish the bloody things, haven’t a clue what press this means besides drag out the ironing board and mindless work…..I simply…….well….blether. Never delete a thing…….never actually think before babbling…but then, my focus is on just having a laugh at myself in a semi-literate way and hoping others get some brief respite from the daily grind. I would never consider writing for money (who in hades would buy this crap?) or to give advice….so here’s my advice (LOL) carry on with whatever makes you happy and don’t doubt yourself. You are a WRITER…..accept it and write whenever instead of worrying about a time table. people will hang in as followers just to read what you write.

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  6. I saw this the other day, but didn’t have the time to also comment. Just like Wendy said, I also sometimes write on impulse if I’m feeling inspired and excited for everyone else to read my “revelation”, but mostly I try to schedule them. Especially now, since I’m doing the daily Take Five. But as you said, I also have about 20 drafts pending still and half of them are probably award posts I’ll have to do sometime soon. But once I’m finished with all this I’d love to have posts prepared and scheduled so I can get on with my life without being concerned about it.

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  7. Eric you are doing an awesome job. I am trying to post weekly, but it doesn’t always happen. I am still trying to find a balance with the various platforms I am active on. I’ve put sharing on LinkedIn on the back-burner, which is not the best career move. It can be overwhelming to see all the post notifications coming through each day. I don’t know why, but I never have more than one draft going at a time. I tend to keep my drafts in my head until I’m ready to sit down and make a good start on a post. For sure keep on writing and thank you for your great work on Blogging Meetup.

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  8. I relate so much to this! I have loads of unfinished drafts that I end up never publishing and often think ‘I should really finish and publish that’. But then I never do! And has for writing habits – I hear you – I am trying to work something out myself, get into a sort of routine when I set myself to just write. The issue with that of course is that inspiration doesn’t always agree with my schedules… Oh difficult! Do let me know if you find a solution! 🙂

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  9. I have had ambitious plans to post a feature once a week, but I can’t even do that. I do have a feature called “Word of the Week” which was supposed to be on Wednesdays, but it hasn’t worked out that way. My posting is sort of ad hoc. I post a lot of photos, but what I really like is writing. I don’t think that most blog readers take the time to read long written posts, which is too bad, because sometimes the story or message is very good. I’m the same way, actually. I love to read, but that means mostly books. However, to build a reader base, you must take the time to read and reply to other blogs about once a week. Also, enter the contests or write the “Post of the day” at least once in awhile; a lot of people participate and that’s how they find your blog.

    I say, blog when you can or when you are inspired to. It sounds like you have a pretty busy life!

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  10. Hi, Eric. I came over to follow you as I browse a bit in the Meetup blog. Actually if I follow you, I won’t forget our meeting and you invitation. I have a lot of the same issues with blogging schedule. I have a mixture of humor, inspiration, nostalgia, etc. I like the variety but that also influences which posts I want to do at what times. I’m not very well organized that way. Good to see you.



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