Bliss is…

Picture from the Superior Hiking Trail North of Grand Marais, Minnesota on August 2004

It is funny if you ask me what bliss is it would all depending on the day, time, and what I was thinking about at that moment.  In fact, it would also probably depend on what I was doing the hours leading up to the question.  The thing is there are different things in my life that are blissful.  On the one hand, like the picture above it is a breathtaking picture of some secluded place, or a picture from the top of a mountain, or seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world, or just a picture of my family having fun enjoying the little things in life as well as the company of one another.


What is your picture of bliss?  Is it always the same or does it change as mine does depending on your environment?

8 thoughts on “Bliss is…”

      1. Thanks for the comment and I feel like sometimes it seems like luck for people shots. As I have plenty of bad ones or more specifically blurry. Also, no worries about the forgotten period.

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  1. That indeed is bliss- Voice of Ramana points out to the bliss!
    I enjoyed your post. It was nice. Congrats. Enjoy BLISS in the nature and our home!

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