Conference Call in Real Life

As I have been in what seems like a day full of meetings today, of which most were conference calls, I was reminded of these two great videos by Trip and Tyler that I stumbled upon a while back.  If you have ever been on video calls or just normal conference calls I am sure they will resonate with you too.

The newer of the two videos, “A Video Conference Call in Real Life” is spot on to all of the issues I have encountered in the various video conference calls I have had.


Below is the original “A Conference Call in Real Life” by Tripp and Tyler and is very accurate in Conference call issues as well as just talking on cell phones some days.

Hope you enjoyed the Friday afternoon humor.  Do either of these remind you of the conference calls you have been on lately?

5 thoughts on “Conference Call in Real Life”

  1. Yep. I have had a number of Skype calls lately, and I have experienced just about everything in the first video you showed. There have been fadeouts in speech, calls from phones, and kids in the background. Trip and Tyler named everything but I think there was only one issue I haven’t had…yet.

    Btw, I dropped by to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

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