Running to Refocus

Here it was 9:30 pm at night and I was just going to quickly finish writing a blog post I had started a couple of days back, but I was stuck and it felt like it was taking me too long to write.  It wasn’t just flowing out like some of the ones last week did.  Then I realized that it is getting pretty late and I really wanted to get a run in tonight.

So…. I went for a run.

During my run I reflected on how I have been having so much momentum with this blog and I should have just finished that blog post since I haven’t made a post since last Friday.  Once I completed my run, feeling refreshed and motivated, I was reminded of a quote about why running appealed to Bernd Heinrich who was being interviewed in a video series titled “Why We Run” (video is at the end of this post).

It appealed to me because I could do it all the time where every I was, no matter where I could always run. – Bernd Heinrich

This year as I have refound my love for running I have tried to embrace a quote like that.  I have been running on some cold days and very dark nights.  However, for me, it is time well spent and the motivation I feel from going for a run is just too good to pass up.  Now I know I didn’t publish the actual blog post I was working on but I was stuck and needed to run away for a while.  In fact, as a result, of my run, I realized it helped motivate me to write/share something instead of having it feel forced.

Now for a question, when you get writers block, or writing seems slow, doesn’t flow, or feels forced how do you get through it or refocus?  Leave me your thoughts or tips in the comments as I would love to know how you refocus.

via “Why We Run” – Salomon Running TV S03 E01 on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Running to Refocus”

  1. Sometimes walking, or in your case, running away is a solid choice! Doing something completely unrelated often provides the twist or weird perspective shift to un-block me. I get all kinds of crazy ideas when I’m doing something that doesn’t possibly allow me to write (like driving or showering!). But I’m usually able to build a bridge then between what I’ve begun and what hits me when I CANNOT write. That second part is probably not helpful to anyone but me, huh? Sorry. 😊

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    1. No worries but I do understand. I have that same issue that sometimes I think of things when I am not in front of a computer. I am glad you are able to build a bridge back to what you began. I just read Amanda’s post below and might have to try the voice memo out next time.


  2. I talk. Into my phone. I literally use the notes app and the microphone icon on my keyboard and literally have a conversation with myself. Then I hit done and-do t even read it- I shift my focus to something else entirely. When I feel like writing again, or have a moment I go back to my notes and re-read the conversation I had. Usually the best writing I do comes from those conversations… I don’t know, writing sometimes takes the focus out of what you’re trying to say. So…I just say it. Then I go back to it for the writing part. Weird I know, but worth a try.

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    1. That is a great idea. I might try that out next time as there are times that I have an idea but then am not really close to any place to write or type it down. So now I might be that guy running in the middle of the night talking to himself about random thoughts. I can see nothing wrong with this…

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