Hobbies and Side Projects

Can someone have too many hobbies or side projects?  

That is the question I have been pondering over the whole month of February.  Also, yes I know it is ironic since this is the same month I took a Blogging 101 course as well as having this crazy idea of creating a site called the Bloggers Meetup.

I look back at the month and I have still continued to do things that I have wanted to do, like running, reading (or listening to book tapes), keeping up-to-date with some podcasts, and trying to spend more time with my family on the weekends instead of being buried in work or side projects.


However, I do sometimes wonder if I have taken on too much.  It is unfortunately in my nature to keep volunteering at events, helping non-profits, starting side projects, or just trying new hobbies.  I am thankful that most of the things I do have different cycles of when they are busy and when they aren’t so it normally doesn’t create too big of a conflict.  However, then there are the times when my hobbies start to become more of a burden and it overlaps with other projects/hobbies or just my family time and that is when it really makes me think.

I really starting thinking about this a couple of weeks back and even though I love all of the projects I have been doing/created, I believe I would like to take the next step and get more focused on a couple of them.  It is not that I couldn’t continue what I am doing today but at some point when the next side project comes along that seems interesting I won’t have any resources to devote to it.  Or I will not be as devoted to another project and at that time, it might be one I would like to be devoted to.

So this year in my year of changes, I am going to try to make sure I keep tweaking my focus on things.  That is not to say I will drop everything tomorrow or even next month or within the next year.  I am going to start by looking at what projects/hobbies I carried forward from 2015 and make a list of why I am doing each and what I hope to continue to gain by doing them.  Some are very obvious to me right now but others are not.  As I am not sure what my longer term vision of doing it is.

How about you?  Do you have any hobbies or side projects that you have been doing for a while that you need to take a closer look at the why?  I would love to hear your thoughts.



13 thoughts on “Hobbies and Side Projects”

  1. I could have written your post myself, because I have the same propensity for taking on too much. Many years ago (I refuse to say how many, on the grounds that it may incriminate me), a boss was trying to get me to take on more responsibility at work. I was in my early twenties. I wasn’t in a responsibility mode, at least not being responsible for other people. I balked, and one day she gave me a small sculpture. It was a little gnome, leaning against a huge piece of cake that he had eaten partially. His stomach was distended, but he eyed the rest of that cake. The message on the sculpture was this: “Always take on more than you can possibly handle, or you will never do all that you can do.” That resonated with me, and little by little I took more on. It accelerated over time and extended beyond the workplace. And brought me to who I am today. I wasn’t always good at what I took on, but I tried. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    That said, in my more mature years, I’ve seen the value of greater focus. Of choosing fewer activities and diving into them with everything in me. Of selecting the activities that can support my growth in the areas most important to me. One of those selected activities was Blogging 101. One I chose (with a LOT of angst) to forego was Bloggers Meetup. It wasn’t easy – when I read your post I wanted to jump in with both feet. But when I took a step back, I realized that I already spend a lot of time reading and commenting on blogs. I need to apportion my daily time over a lot of other activities, like exercise, reading, knitting, playing with my dog (and my husband!) and most of all, working on my third novel. So I’m making better choices for my needs. Not always easy choices, but better in the long run.

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    1. I completely understand and no problem on not joining the Bloggers Meetup. The nice thing, hopefully, is that it will always be around and you can join at any time or just stumble by a take a peek in the future. Good luck again on your third novel and keeping up with all your other activities.


    1. That sounds like a great idea! However, would it fit in with what you are doing on your blog today? Might be something that could just be a different category or something. Either way I mostly consider myself an Adventurous eater so can’t wait to see where you take it.

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  2. Blogging helps me limit stress if I don’t obsess on doing it too often. One blog a week right now seems manageable in view of my plan to compile them into a travel novel.

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  3. Hey, if a side project helps other people, it’s going to be worth it. Looking forward to being a part of the Bloggers Meetup group! And congratulations on completing the Blogging 101 class! (We’re supposed to congratulate each other now, apparently.)

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  4. So, when looking at all your projects which ones really grab your attention-the one or more that excite you and get your juices going? Those are the indicators for your energy, the rest may (or may not be) just work and taking away from your treasures. Your time is valuable…donate it to whatever gives back to your soul. I thrive on chaos, like over-achiever syndrome and taking in more than I can handle is habit. I am learning to scale that down and put all of my energy into those things that excite me, where I feel like I can give back something of myself.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more and I do notice myself shifting my focus towards projects that excite me more since the start of this year. In fact, I am working on a great one right now with some awesome people and an awesome community :). I am sure I will the trend of shifting my focus as I am trying to build paths to continue to reduce/remove some of the projects that maybe aren’t on the top of my list anymore.

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