A simple way to break a bad habit by Judson Brewer

I saw this Inc. article last night by Shana Lebowitz called “This TED Speaker Has Revealed the Best Way to Break a Bad Habit“, and thought it would be fitting to share the TEDMED video that the article was referencing.  Judson Brewer is talking about Habits and the groundbreaking research his team discovered that can effectively help break bad habits.  Since I had a post last Friday titled “Power of the Habit“, I felt that this video seemed along the same lines and worth the share.

via Judson Brewer – TEDMED.

2 thoughts on “A simple way to break a bad habit by Judson Brewer”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I like that idea a lot and I’ve unintentionally done that before. Being mindful is like trying to explain some habit to an alien. Sometimes in the course of your explanation, you realize that you sound really silly and that reveals the habit in a different light. Likewise, it might sound really cool and that makes you want to do it even more (which is good as long as it’s a good habit).

    My favorite time to be mindful (and I’m still working on it) is when I’m eating. I like to take a minute and smell my food and actually figure out what flavors and aspects of the food I actually enjoy. I remember that I used to love chicken fingers. One day I actually focused on the food and realized that they’re not as amazing as my less mindful self had made them out to be. They were actually kind of bland and the only redeeming quality was their spiciness. It was an interesting realization and I don’t eat them as much anymore.



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