Where the Heck is Matt? – Kickstarter

I stumbled across a video of Matt’s a couple years back and at that time posted about the video titled “Where the Hell is Matt? – 2012” .  I think the thing that interested me most then and now is the simple yet creative idea.  Travel around the world to some places people would never think of visiting and show a quick gimps of how those people are just like us and when asked will dance silly just like us.

Fast forward a couple of years and Matt is ready to start traveling/dancing again and is going to create a new video for 2016.  So to help fund his project he has a KickStarter with a couple twists as well.  So check out the video and information below in hopes that the 2016 video is created.

Check out the full details of the KickStarter here.  Also, to stay up to date with what Matt is doing you can follow him @WhereTheHIsMatt or stop by his new website for more information and other older videos at wheretheheckismatt.com.



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