10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings

I am working on a couple other posts but this one I have had in my draft folder for some time and I am not sure why I never posted it.  Maybe I was waiting for the perfect day or say a day where I would have a bunch of meetings at work like today.  Either way it is still funny and I feel like I know a couple people that do these tricks in meetings (they must have read it when it first came out).  Does this remind you of anyone at your work or volunteer events?  If you do now you know their secret.


 Image Credit: The Cooper Review by Sarah Cooper (@sarahcpr)

14 thoughts on “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings”

  1. I’m in business meetings 6 out of 8 hours a day, 75% of the day, and I’ve gotta say I only do 1 of 10 regularly. So 10% of the time I make fun of myself. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I saw many people doing some of these things in newspaper meetings. It reminds me of the story of Ben Franklin walking around Philadelphia with a barrel in a wheelbarrow to show everyone that he was industrious. Even Founding Fathers tried to look smart..

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    1. Now, reading it carefully again (remember, I read it at 7 am), what exactelly “will this scale” means? I don’t get it by myself, so I’m afraid anyone else would ask me ” what do you mean”? I must say, I don’t agree with #9. It’s damn annoying. Nevertheless – I loved the rest 😀

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