“Uncommon Stock: Power Play” by Eliot Peper

Finally got around to putting some real thoughts into the book I read a while back called “Uncommon Stock: Power Play” by Eliot Peper.  I actually got and read this book right around the time it was published back in November/December but things started to pick up at my old job and I never got a chance to put the rest of my thoughts in writing about the book.

The book is very captivating as it is about a Startup company that gets caught up in a money laundering scheme.  One of the great things I like about this book is that it discusses real issues that I have heard founders face in Startups today, which is then mixed into the suspense of the characters lives.

Eliot’s style of writing is very engaging and hard to put down.  However, if you do have to HAVE to put it down because a child is crying or children or fighting it isn’t hard to pick right back up where you left off.


Overall, it is a great book and I would suggest picking it up from FG Press since at only $4.95 for a digital version it is a steal.  Then why you are there you might as well pick up the Uncommon Stock book in the series titled “Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0” as it only costs under five dollars as well.

Finally, Eliot is planning on publishing another books in this series this year titled Uncommon Stock: Exit Strategy, which I can’t wait to read.  To make sure you don’t miss out and are in the know on his upcoming book you should probably following him on twitter (@EliotPeper) and subscribe to his newsletter from his website (http://www.eliotpeper.com/).

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