The Season is upon us…

The weather is finally turning cold in Minnesota and that means that people are starting to think of the one sport everyone in Minnesota seems to play… HOCKEY!

For some background, I grew up in Iowa never playing or really watching hockey.  Once I moved to Minnesota after college I started watching Hockey and have even taken up skating.  It really must be something in the air or water here as my kids talk about hockey all the time and it seems to be on their mind all the time (Not that I am complaining).  For that reason, when I had the opportunity to acquire some boards last year to set up my rink in the backyard I took advantage of it.  Some of my friends outside the state of Minnesota are shocked that we actually flooded the backyard to create a rink to skate on.  Honestly, it does sound a little strange but the whole family had a blast skating and playing hockey on it last year.  The best part was you didn’t have to get in the car, or walk down the street to enjoy it.

Since the weather has been turning colder and there was snow in the forecast, I spent some of the weekend setting the rink up to ensure I was ready for the season.  I was lucky that some family was in town to do some of the heavy lifting/swinging to get everything setup in really good time.  Here is how it looked as of Sunday night with the Boards up, and the tarp clipped down.

Backyard Hockey Rink
Backyard Hockey Rink

There were two things I did different from last year:

  1. Used clips I found at the Hardware store to keep the tarp in place instead of stapling it to the boards
  2. Left extra tarp on the small boards side because as last year I was cutting it really close after the water pulled the tarp to the deep end

Now that everything is set up we will just wait for it to be cold enough and stop snowing to fill with water.  By the looks of the forecast for the next seven days, this weekend might be the best time.


Below are some pictures of my helpers assisting in the setup, as you can see they had a great time helping set the boards out.


9 thoughts on “The Season is upon us…”

  1. This post made me smile. I “get” putting up boards and flooding the yard for a hockey rink. My brother does the same thing with his kids. Mine is a hockey family, also hailing from (or currently living in) quite wintery places – New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois… Here’s to clear cold nights so your rink sets up nicely!

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  2. Did you get it flooded before the snow? I live in S.E. Minnesota – we were lucky, only 4 inches. I hail fron Duluth though and they were hit hard.


    1. Hello fellow Minnesotan. I actually haven’t gotten it flooded yet but am planning on doing it when the snow stops for a couple of days. Last year I flooded it and then it snowed which didn’t seem to work out as well. Hopefully, it will work as planned this weekend.

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  3. Minnesota is where my non-ohioan family contingent lives. The last two visits I was there in December, I managed to have the airport closed. I understand that’s unusual. Nice place!


  4. I am officially jealous. I come from England, where the temperature hovers below ‘warm enough to be comfortable’ and above ‘cold enough to do cool things. Wish we had the weather for it, looks amazing.



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