Blogging Meetup

Blogging Meetup – Year 2 Project Check-in

Year 2 has come and gone… As I am excited to see another year of people using the Blogging Meetup, I hold back a little bit as I know I have been very distanced from it in the last year as I was working to prioritize various extra projects in […]

Princess Jezzabella

A little over a week ago we had to make another tough decision in our house as our last dog Princess Jezzabella the Diva of Pink aka PJ was put down. It was honestly like deja vu all over again as my wife and I have talked about it since […]

Sun Rise on the US Pond Hockey Championships

5 Years of US Pond Hockey Championships

I can’t believe today would have marked my 6th consecutive year of helping out with the US Pond Hockey Championships. However, due to my travel schedule this year I will be unable to help. Instead, I am getting ready to fly back to Minnesota this morning from a work trip. […]

Break the Twitch, The Book by Anthony Ongaro

Break the Twitch, The Book by Anthony Ongaro

I just finished reading Break The Twitch: a practical guide to minimalism, intentional living & doing more of what matters by Anthony Ongaro and it is the perfect book for anyone looking to make a change in your current habits.  I had hoped to finish it right after it came […]