One Decision

When you stop and think about it, one decision is all it takes. The list of what that decision might have been or could be a number of different things. For example, your job, family, friends, or finances to name a few common ones.

Media Consumption

In my overall quest to minimize distractions in my life either by limiting the time I spend on social media or watching TV. Lately, I have noticed that I probably have been over consuming in other areas, specifically Podcasts, Books (both Audio and Paperbacks) and online news articles and blogs. […]

“Borderless” by Eliot Peper

Borderless (which was released October 30th) by Eliot Peper (@EliotPeper) is a great sequel to Bandwidth that was released earlier this year. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy to read but as I really do enjoy Eliot’s writing I bought the Kindle version too in order to add to […]